Ave Maria, FL Pest Control

Living in Collier County is an attractive proposition to many thanks to favorable weather and a high quality of life. Regardless, Ave Maria residents still have to contend with quite a few pests throughout the year. Sooner or later, taking an aggressive stance against pests will have to become a priority for responsible home and business owners.

When pests threaten your Ave Maria property, Dame Pest Solutions is the pest control provider you should call. We handle both pest prevention and removal using safe techniques and products that protect your home or business and its occupants. Here's a quick sampling of just a few of our pest control service offerings.

General Pest Control

For the average Ave Maria home or business, the most common pest threats include rodents, spiders and carpenter ants. These pests reproduce rapidly once they've established a foothold, which complicates the removal process. They can pose a serious threat to the health of occupants and often cause a lot of property damage at the same time.

At Dame Pest Solutions, we address general pest problems by securing the perimeters of the affected structures first. Once we've sealed up the cracks and gaps that allow critters access, we use advanced traps and pesticides to eradicate interlopers. Once immediate pest dangers have been dealt with, we can provide long-term pest control treatments that last for months or even years.

Termite Control

Easily one of the most dangerous pests found throughout southern Florida, termites can make a home or office uninhabitable in short order. Capable of making Swiss cheese out of load-bearing studs and joists, these rapacious critters can cause serious structural damage. They've also been known to exacerbate asthma attacks and allergies in some humans.

When we encounter serious termite problems, we take an intelligent, non-invasive approach to colony eradication. Using advanced, termite-specific pesticides distributed via bait stations, we can destroy a colony quickly without resorting to fumigation. Once an infestation is contained, Dame Pest Solutions technicians can recommend and implement specific prevention measures that will keep termites away from your property.

Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control

Ave Maria residents that pride themselves on their landscaping must contend with a host of pest threats in every season. Insects like aphids, chinch bugs, fire ants and mole crickets will wreak havoc on lawns and shrubs if they're not contained. Ultimately, repairing lawn and ornamental damage is often more expensive than preventing it from occurring.

Devising effective pest control regimens for lawns and ornamental plants is tricky since they're affected by so many variables. Fortunately, our technicians can quickly identify sources of landscaping damage and treat any pest threats we find without resorting to extreme measures. We can even show you how to care for your landscaping so that future pest damage can be minimized.

Fighting Pests in Ave Maria and Beyond

As far as protecting Ave Maria homes and businesses from pest damage is concerned, the best defense is a good offense. Contact Dame Pest Solutions at the first signs of a pest infestation is a good way to get the ball rolling. At the end of the day, you can never be too careful when dealing with tenacious pests of all sorts.