Pest Control Services in Naples, FL

7 Step Initial Service

  1. DSC 0263Complete interior crack and crevice treatment.
  2. Baiting of all void areas around kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  3. Baiting of all switch plates in kitchen and bathroom areas.
  4. Baiting of the attic.
  5. Dusting of the attic.
  6. Treating inside garage and lanai areas.
  7. Complete and thorough treatment of exterior perimeter, paying close attention to mulch and soffit areas, also windows and doors.

If you are not careful or don't spot the warning signs soon enough to stop the threat, pests can invade your home or place of business before you know what happened. Ants, spiders, rodents and other pests will gain access as soon as they get the chance, and they can cause more damage than you might think. You can try several approaches when your goal is to keep these invaders away from your property, but you won't always enjoy the best results possible. When you don't want to take chances, nothing comes close to the help of a talented pest control professional.

Common Red Flags

Although pests can remain undetected for extended periods, learning the red flags will help you uncover the problem. Chewed bags of food and droppings in your kitchen can alert you to a rodent infestation, but you will see lines of ants when they decide to enter your home or office. If you suspect that bees or wasps are near your property, look for nests in the ground, under picnic tables and on the sides of buildings. If you see an ant-like insect with straight antennae, you could have a termite problem on your hands.

How They Get Inside

When you want to keep insects and other invaders at bay, learning how they get inside is a smart move that improves your odds of success. Rodents can enter your home or place of business through tiny holes on the outside of your building. Insects can fly inside your home through open doors and cracked windows, but termites can enter from underground.

Sealing cracks around your home's foundation, installing screens and keeping your doors closed will reduce your odds of a pest problem, and you will be pleased with the outcome. The steps might seem small if you have never used them, but they will provide you with impressive results.

The Dangers of Pests

It's now time to consider the dangers you could encounter when pests strike. While they won't cause long-term destruction, house ants can get into your food and are an unpleasant sight. Bees, wasps and spiders can give painful stings if you are not careful. When termites get into a building and establish a nest, they will eat your wooden floors and walls, inflicting structural damage that won't be cheap to fix.

If you are a business owner and pests invade your property, they can damage your reputation and prevent your customers from returning. Since people don't want to enter offices or other buildings that have pests, you must get the issue under control as soon as you can. Also, pests can trigger fines from your local health department or force you to close your doors.

Dame Pest Solutions

When pests strike and you want a fast solution so that you won't need to worry about long-term issues, Dame Pest Solutions will have your back until they get the job done. Experienced in serving both commercial and residential clients, Dame Pest Solutions can solve your pest problem and meet your needs at every turn. Once we are on the job, the pests that have been causing trouble won't stand a chance, and you will be pleased when you see us in action. If you have concerns or questions, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our team right away.