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Your lawn takes a beating every season. Whether it's from heavy rains or insect pests, landscapes are always at the mercy of the weather and infestations. When you combine the scorching Florida sun with various turf pests, your grass can start to look unhealthy over time. Dame Pest Solutions has some common pests to watch out for when you're looking to improve your lawn this year.

4 Common Lawn and Ornamental Pests

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are small, winged insects that use their mouthparts to pierce turf grasses for the delicious juices inside. They raid crops and lawns, causing massive devastation across the country. The most common species are the western, the hairy and the southern chinch bugs. Each species attacks various grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and St. Augustine grass.

Chinch bug damage is easy to spot on lawns. Look for yellowish or brownish patches especially in sunny areas. Although the damage looks similar to the effects of a drought, these bugs are eating your grass at the soil level.

Fire Ants

Fire ants don’t target grasses for food. Instead, these insects build large dirt mounds throughout the landscape, affecting its overall health and aesthetic. The mounds may start out small but grow to a foot or more in height if they're left undisturbed. As the ant colony spreads, you'll see more mounds pop up on your lawn.

Fire ants are known for their aggressive behavior and painful bites. If a person or your pet steps on or near a mound, the ants will attack at once. A person with insect bite sensitivities can go into shock, requiring immediate medical assistance. It's important to eliminate fire ant mounds as soon as possible to prevent risks to your family.


Aphids are plant-feeding insects and attack ornamental plants and trees in gardens and landscapes. A few aphids don't cause much harm, but an infestation can quickly damage entire ornamental gardens. These insects suck the juices from the leaves of trees, shrubs, flowers and other ornamentals both indoors and outdoors.

Aphids damage leaves by feeding on them while also leaving behind honeydew, a sticky substance that turns black as it sits on the plants. If an aphid infestation is left uncontrolled, it can ravage your landscape and ruin its appearance and health.


A fungus is also considered a lawn pest as it attacks grasses and ornamental leaves. Anthracnose is a common fungus that causes brown spots on leaves and dead patches on lawns. Dollar spot and powdery mildew are also common turf diseases, which can quickly take over your lawn if they're not treated in time.

Fungal diseases can strike throughout the year, such as when a drought or consistent rainfall occurs. Having an experienced technician inspect your lawn for fungi can help to stop the diseases in time and prevent unnecessary damage to your trees, ornamentals and grass.

Professional Pest Control for Your Lawn

Chinch bugs, fungi and other pests can make your lawn develop bald spots and dead patches. Contact Dame Pest Solutions to request a free estimate for our lawn and ornamental services in Naples and the surrounding areas. A healthy lawn doesn't sprout overnight. It takes routine care and maintenance to develop and to sustain a green appearance and a strong root system. Our technicians will inspect your lawn for pests and use the appropriate methods to treat the problem and to improve the health and look of your landscape.