Marco Island, FL Pest Control

Don't let pests ruin your experience living in Florida. You should enjoy the abundant sunshine in your own backyard, not fight with pest infestations everywhere you turn. Dame Pest Solutions has served Southwest Florida since 1987 and provides numerous services to help our customers make the most of their life in Marco Island. Whether it's aphids on your plants or ants in your kitchen, our certified technicians are ready to help.

General Pest Control

Florida has the perfect environment for pests thanks to its hot, humid climate. Everything from roaches to snakes thrive here and make life difficult on homeowners. Our experienced team handles pest infestations of all types whether it's ants and roaches or wasps and rodents. If you have a problem with bats, wildlife or silverfish, we provide general pest control services to eliminate the problem for good.

Termite Control

Despite their size, termites cause massive damage in a short time. These wood-eating insects devour homes from the inside out, attacking everything from deck railings to structural beams. They cost homeowners thousands in repairs each year and build large colonies as they move through a home. Our effective baiting system eradicates the entire colony without leaving any termites behind.

Rodent Proofing

Rodents transmit diseases such as rat-bite fever, hantavirus and salmonella. They leave feces along countertops and baseboards, contaminating your living area. Their fur and dander can get swept up in the ventilation system, circulate through your home and cause allergic reactions. Rodents also chew through walls, electrical wiring and other items, leaving behind a mess wherever they go. Our rat-proofing service deals with their entryways, making sure to block the animals from entering your home. We'll trap the remaining rodents and leave your home without a single rat or mouse.

Lawn and Ornamental Services

Some pests prefer to stay outside where they can ruin your lawn and plants. Whether you have a chinch bug or a leaf miner infestation, our technicians offer preventative and curative services to deal with the problem. We treat the target area and remove the stubborn pests no matter if it's a fire ant mound or an invading fungus. We'll also fertilize your lawn and make sure that it grows healthy and strong to fight against invasive pests.

Professional Pest Control in Marco Island

Contact Dame Pest Solutions in Marco Island for a complete inspection. No pest infestation is too big for our experienced team to handle. Let us inspect your home or lawn, eliminate the troublesome pests and create a solution that prevents further infestations on your property.