Mosquito Control Services

13876126 sWhile living in Florida has many benefits, the warm weather and easy access to water mean that residents notice more pest problems than in other climates. When cold spells would knock out pest populations, they flourish for most of the year in Florida's mild weather, which is especially noticeable with bothersome insects like mosquitoes. While creating a defensible space within your home can eliminate pests like rats and termites, controlling mosquitoes requires a broader approach. If mosquitoes are making your backyard barbecue a bust, Dame Pest Solutions can help you identify the root of the problem.

Where Mosquitoes Congregate

Mosquitoes breed in areas where there is continuous access to standing water. The insects lay eggs in water, meaning any stagnant area can become a breeding ground. While ponds and slow-moving streams might be what comes to mind, other sources of infestation include depressions in rocks, garbage cans, outdoor planters or even yard debris like leaf piles. In Florida, the backyard pool is especially at risk. If not properly maintained and chlorinated, your pool will become the bane of summer fun and a primary source of mosquito infestation. For effective mosquito treatment, it's necessary to identify and eliminate as many breeding areas as possible.

Getting Into Your Home

While most people view mosquitoes as merely annoying, the truth is that mosquito-borne diseases are a real risk. Mosquitoes carry pathogens such as malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, Zika virus and Chikungunya virus. If you notice mosquitoes in your home, there are things you can do to safeguard your family. Your first line of defense is the screens in your windows and doors. All openings should have screens installed, and they should be checked regularly for holes and damage. Screens should fit tightly around the opening, with holes no larger than size 16 mesh. At Dame Pest Solutions, we also recommend installing yellow outdoor lighting that doesn't attract insects.

Protection and Prevention

There are many things you can do to keep mosquitoes from taking over. However, if there is already an established mosquito population, you will want professional help to get it under control and prevent exposure to potentially dangerous diseases. We guarantee our pest control services and offer a variety of options for controlling mosquitoes on your property.

One-Time Mosquito Treatment

We will fog and spray treat your property, with a particular focus on trouble areas such as vegetation. A one-time treatment application lasts from three to four weeks and includes up to 1/2 acre of coverage for one low price. For more acreage, we provide customized estimates for your property.

Annual Service Mosquito Treatment

For complete mosquito control, our annual service plan will treat your Florida property on a monthly basis, excluding January and February when colder temperatures control populations. We include 1/2 acre of treatment coverage in this plan, with customized estimates provided for larger properties. We recommend this service for anyone in proximity to water sources or families that have repeated mosquito infestations.

Mosquito Larvae Treatment

This service is for any area of standing water and can eliminate breeding areas before the problem spreads. This is a customized prevention plan, with the cost depending on the size and area of treatment.

At Dame Pest Solutions, we know that nobody wants to deal with mosquitoes. They are not only bothersome but potentially harmful to your family's health. Call us today to learn about our full range of pest control solutions, including our mosquito control specials.