Port of the Islands, FL Pest Control

If you live or work in beautiful Port of the Islands, Florida, there is no reason to let common pests make you uncomfortable in your home or business. When unwelcome invaders are bugging you, trust Dame Pest Solutions. As pest control experts, we do the job right the first time by delivering professional, effective services.

General Pest Control

Insects and other invaders are quick to slip inside homes and businesses in search of shelter, food and water. While many pests do their best to remain undetected, the damage that they cause and the health hazard created by their presence mean that it pays to be alert to any sign of a potential pest problem. Droppings, food that has been tampered with, signs of gnawing, evidence of nesting, and pest sightings can all indicate that you have an issue that demands prompt attention.

Why are pests such a problem? In addition to the ick factor, pests can cause substantial damage to people and property. Ants and cockroaches can contaminate food, causing illness. Spiders, ticks, fleas, scorpions and mosquitoes can cause discomfort and spread disease with their painful bites and stings. Silverfish delight in munching on everything from paper and fabric to cereals and insulation. This can lead to damage to both personal property and the structure that houses it. With their taste for wood, termites are even more destructive. Their feeding habits can actually compromise the structural integrity of a building.

Protecting your property from pests is as easy as calling Dame Pest Solutions. Our highly trained technicians have the knowledge, expertise and equipment needed to properly identify the problem pest and provide safe, effective treatment that eliminates infestations and helps to prevent reoccurrences.

Termite Control

Termites are not loud or aggressive. They don't carry diseases, contaminate food or sting. In fact, they're often called silent invaders because they are so unobtrusive. This is unfortunate because these persistent pests are incredibly destructive. Termites literally feast on wood, and their appetites can cause extensive damage to your property.

How can you protect your home or business from termites? Don't wait for signs of an active infestation. Instead, take preventative action by reaching out to Dame Pest Solutions. Our Advance Termite Bait System doesn't rely on dangerous chemicals. Instead, it kills termites by preventing them from molting, eradicating any infestation without endangering your property or the people who frequent it.

Lawn and Ornamental

Between the scorching sun, soaking rains and blustery winds, your lawn is always under attack. Persistent pests like chinch bugs and aphids feast on grass and other plants, and fire ants can tear up lawns and plantings as they construct nests. Turf diseases and fungi can also wreak havoc on your landscaping.

Do you want to surround your Port of the Islands property with a green, healthy yard that's free of pests and nourished by a strong root system? Dame Pest Solutions can help with a number of lawn and ornamental services. Our experienced technicians can identify potential pest issues and provide effective treatments to help your green spaces flourish.

Pest Control That's Dependable & Affordable

A family-owned company delivering comprehensive pest control services, Dame Pest Control Solutions is firmly committed to excellence. We take pride in providing customized services that eliminate pest problems quickly and effectively. If pests are plaguing your property, contact Dame Pest Control for assistance today.