Rodent and Wildlife Control in Naples, FL

Home Sealing Programs

Exclusion (Sealing your structure to prevent rats, bats and snakes from getting in) is our specialty. The following explains rat proofing, bat proofing, and snake proofing.

Rat a tat tatRodent Proofing

Using our construction knowledge, our rat program consists of capping all pipes and vents as well as sealing all points of entry on the exterior using quality materials consistent with the structure such as wood, caulking, cement and screening material. This comes with a one year rat proofing guarantee. Our competitors use expanding foam, steel wool and wire stuffed in holes. This patch job is not acceptable to us. So if you want a quality job let Dame’s do it right the first time.

Bat Proofing

Bats in our area are the size of flying mice, very small mammals. They can get through a hole the size of a dime and generally like to live under tiled roofs, occasionally getting into attics. The most common bats for our area are the Brazilian Free Tail and the Florida Brown Bat. Although protected because of the benefits they provide by eating a large amount of insects, including mosquitoes, we can remove them using special funnels and sealing the tiles so they can’t re-enter the structure. Other companies use netting to keep them out, but don’t seal the structure, so when the netting is removed the bats move back in. Not to mention having the netting on the structure is very unsightly. The materials we use are consistent with tile or metal roofs that match in color and seals the bats out.

Snake Proofing

We seal all points of entry on the lanai, such as along the base of the aluminum where it meets the concrete foundation and install thresholds on all doors. As long as there are no holes in the screen the snakes stay outside, where they belong. We are also able to apply a snake repellent around the exterior on a regular basis to help keep the snakes away from the structure.

Woodpecker Proofing

Woodpeckers have become a major problem with homes because of the use of decorative foam. When woodpeckers land on the foam they think it’s a hollow tree and thus peck holes in them for nesting. This damage takes away from the beauty of your home, worse yet the starlings move in and defecate all over. When the starlings move in the woodpeckers simply move over and make a new hole, before you know it your home turns into a starling condo. Our program consists of sealing the hole with cement, texturize and paint consistent with the structure.

DSC 0290Other Services Available

  • Nuisance wildlife removal
  • Mole control
  • Non-fumigation dry wood termite control